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The mountains, the hot springs, the schedule.
The spring water, the season, the schedule.
Let's meander around Nozawa Onsen village from here

Rich mountains, 13 hot springs, and a famous restaurant where you can enjoy seasonal flavors.
The clear spring water, the changing seasons, and the beautiful scenery that catches your eye.

A landmark with a green roof that has been watching over the village since 1969.
Let's meander around the village from here.


An egg-shaped building in front of the ski resort.
It is a lodge like a "hideaway"

where you can feel at home and comfortable.

Excellent location, 1 minute walk from the main gondola.
Built in 1969 by Takamasa Yoshizaka, it catches everyone's eye.
A place where everyone gathers in a homely atmosphere despite being in a historical building.
That is Nozawa Onsen Lodge.