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If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of water somewhere.

Nozawaonsen Village has a rich natural environment with elevations ranging from 350 meters to 1,650 meters above sea level. In spring, the village is richly decorated with melting snow flowing from the mountains and cherry blossoms. The melting snow runs through the village's waterways, and the sound of water can be heard wherever one walks in the village.

Fresh Greenery and Activities

In Nozawaonsen Village, skiing can be enjoyed until GW in May. Spring is a pleasant season of activity, when you can enjoy both lingering snow and fresh greenery. Enjoy cycling while working up a sweat.

Rape blossoms fill the vast landscape

From late April to May, as the snow melts, the Nozawa rape grows and blooms into yellow rape blossoms, covering the village in brilliant colors.

It is the original scenery of Nozawaonsen Village, glittering like a carpet spread over the vast landscape.

Rice planting, a springtime tradition, is about to begin.

Delicious rice comes from delicious water.

The Nozawa Onsen Village Rice Planting Experience is now in its 8th year in 2022. When everyone is working together, even the hard work is filled with smiles and it is like playing together.

The rice master is in his 80s. The participants interact with each other across generations to grow delicious rice by themselves.

About the Village

Explore Nozawa Onsen village.
I get lost in the right way and want to come back.
Meander around the village, not just hot springs.

Nozawa Onsen is more than just winter skiing and hot springs.

In a small village with an altitude difference of 300m to 1,650m and rich in nature,

It is packed full of charm throughout the four seasons.

13 open-air baths with clear spring water.

Famous restaurants where you can enjoy the taste of each season, beautiful scenery and activities.

A vibrant international community and many festivals throughout the year add color to the village.

Meander around.

Let's meander around the village, where you'll want to get lost and come back.

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